Back from hiatus + a new recipe category!

Hello, bookish friends! I'm tentatively back from my recipe hiatus and I'm super excited to share that I'm branching out into a new category of book-related recipes. Previously, I've made food that was either a) based on food found in books and using recipes I put created, or b) representative of a book in some way. I had a hard time coming up with enough material to do a high-quality post every month, so I'm adding a third kind of fiction-related food: book birthday cakes!

I think it's so cute that people in the book community refer to a book's release day as its birthday and often tell authors "happy book birthday!" when a new book comes out. It's in that spirit that I'm going to be making cakes (and possibly other desserts, if appropriate) to celebrate the birthdays of some of my favorite new releases. Now that I'm caught up on a lot of my backlist and am reading ARCs and very new books, this kind of post will be easier to put together than the ones I previously wrote! In some cases, the cakes will be representative of the book; in others, they'll relate to the author's tastes and styles or to the book's cover art.

And, so, without further ado:

PRESENTING: Book birthdays!