About the recipe/review blog

As mentioned in the 'About' page, I'm a lover of words and food. This blog is my attempt to mash my interests together into a result that hopefully won't be too disastrous! Every month (again, hopefully), I'll review a novel I enjoyed and post a recipe for food that either appears in or in some way evokes the book.

The reviews: I'm going to apply the same formula and philosophy to these reviews that I did to the ones on my now-retired YouTube channel. That means you're likely to see only four- and five-star reviews here, because if I don't like a book, I generally don't bother to finish it. In the event that I dislike a book as a matter of personal preference, I'd rather not write a bad review and lower the book's rating on Amazon, Goodreads, etc., since reviews are an author's currency on sites like that. After all, the book probably wasn't bad -- it just wasn't my idea of a good time. If, on the other hand, a book is bad in ways that I see as harmful to its target audience and/or any marginalized group (think abusive relationships presented as romantic, 'joking' misogyny or homophobia, and similar things), I will absolutely give it a terrible rating and review...just not on my site. Anyway, that's why all the reviews here are going to be either 'good' or 'great' -- it's not that I only give good scores.

The recipes: For each of these books, I'm going to post a recipe. Generally speaking, these'll fall into one of two categories: food that exists in reality and is significant in the story, and food that doesn't exist in real life and was invented by the author. In the first case, I'll draw on existing recipes, recombine them into something I find suitable, and credit any sources I draw on heavily. In the second, I'll mostly be making stuff up as I we'll see how that turns out.

If you, my friendly neighborhood blog visitor, have a book you think lends itself to my review-and-recipe format that you'd like to see here, feel free to message me on social media or send me an email via the contact box on my About page. Most of the books I enjoy are fantasy; under that umbrella, I'm fine with YA or adult, and even the occasional middle grade. I also like some sci-fi, mystery/suspense, and a tiny bit of horror. Books with LGBT+ characters are my specific niche, but even within that category, I generally dislike romance novels. My point: if you have a recommendation outside these parameters, I'm fairly unlikely to enjoy the book enough to do a post on it, although you're welcome to pitch it anyway.

With that out of the way...happy reading! I hope you find something to add to your TBR list or your to-bake-whenever-you-find-time list. (Do other people have those, or is it just me?) Cheers!

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