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Hi, I'm Sarah! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I'm Sarah, a former professional baker, current freelance editor, design and typography dabbler, avid reader, and sometime writer. (I'm very much not a photographer, as you've likely noticed, although I'm working to improve my skill with a camera!) Reviewing books is my way of doing something useful with one of my hobbies: showing some love to my favorite authors and sharing books I enjoyed with my friends and community.


I grew up immersed in imaginary worlds. Before I could manage novel-length books alone, my parents read aloud to me every night: my dad shared his love of Tolkien; my mum, the Anne of Green Gables series. I became a kid who took books to recess and made librarians wonder pointedly if I could really finish "all those books in two weeks." Now, my reading pace may have slowed—adulthood, am I right?—but my fascination with the written word remains. I occasionally write books, and hope to publish in the future . . . after I've done a lot of self-editing and huddled for a decade in the query trenches, probably!


When I'm not working with words, I spend my free time baking and cooking, often following recipes I've created myself or adapted heavily. The goal of this site is to combine a few of my interests and share them with fellow lovers of food and fiction. Happy reading!

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